The Avenue residential home

Knightsbridge Care Services has a sister company known as The Avenue Residential Home?. The Avenue Residential Care Home is in the south Birmingham area and is for Adults 18 to 65 yrs old with mental health disabilities, learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, autism and Asperger’s. Some of our elderly residents suffer from dementia and our staff understand the necessary care needed to make them comfortable in their new environment. We provide the highest standards of care to all the residents and our facilities make life as comfortable as possible for each individual. 

Help your loved ones live independently

Our private residential home can offer individuals the chance to live more independently with the knowledge for the family that there is the trained carers providing on call services 24 hours a day.

Improving social skills and education

We provide intensive support and our aim is to provide our individuals a chance to achieve more independence in daily tasks and improve their social skills. We are working in partnership with the local authority and other professionals in educational, sensory development and provide activities within the local community.

Activity and independence

Our residential home offers a high standard of support in a safe and secure environment. This support focuses on individual support programmes aimed at maximising independence and integration within the local community by reducing intervention and encouraging positive behaviours. Receiving support in a residential home has a number of benefits. The most obvious is that our friendly and professional caring and care

staff will be on hand to deliver support at any time of day or night. However, our care homes also provide a fun and thriving community environment, a place where residents can make friends and are encouraged to pursue their interests and hobbies. We have regular meetings with residents in which they can tell us about how they view life in the home and any suggestions they have to make positive changes. This helps our residents have independence in decisions that affect our residential home.

Person centred planning & creating a community

Our philosophy is based on person-centred planning. This means taking the time to listen to and understand each of our individuals so we can find opportunities for them to be as active and independent as possible. Our facilities along with our approach to each individual helps us to create our own community which everyone feels a part of.

Enquire about residential homes today

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