We offer 24 hour supported living in the community

We offer 24 hour supported living in the community for individuals over the age of 18 with tailored care plans offering realistic aims and goals. Our supported living has been especially successful with individuals who suffer from learning disabilities. We promote the independence of our service users helping them to lead fulfilling lives in supported accommodation.

Keeping their independence

Supported living is the perfect arrangement to enable people with disabilities to live independently within the environment of their choice.

Working to provide safe and positive environments

Knightsbridge Care Services supported living works together with local landlords to provide safe and positive environments where our service users are able to maximise their ability to control and improve their quality of life. Properties can be sourced for service users requiring individual flats, shared accommodation and group homes. We can assist with the move to make the individual more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Independent living

One of the most important things for many of our adults with disabilities is independence, and our supported living accommodation provides the perfect balance between support at home and full residential care. The benefits of independent living means that each person lives in their own self contained flat which has all the amenities they need to live independently.

 They can decorate their space in a way that they like and have full control of how they live and on all the daily choices they make. The individuals and family can feel save knowing our carers and support staff are on hand 24 hours a day to provide support if and when it is needed.Supported living can work for people with a variety of different conditions.

Catering to physical disabilites

For those with physical disabilities, it is invaluable in ensuring the home environment is designed around specific mobility challenges, while for those with learning disabilities, the greatest benefit is often the opportunity to develop the skills required for increasingly independent living in a safe and secure environment.

Semi independent supported living is also offered to our individuals

This can be sharing a house or flat with other people with similar learning disabilities. This encourages the individuals to make more choices, and encourages them in supporting each other and creates opportunities for shared activities.

High Quality Services

We are committed to maintaining the very highest standards in all our supported living faciilities. We recruit carers with natural compassion and who work hard to provide the best for all our individuals in supported living.  As one of the leading independent providers of health and social care in Birmingham and Solihull, we have the resources and experience to back up the dedication of our support teams with the tools they need to succeed. We aim to offer flexible supported living options depending on the choice that family and individuals make in order to make the move a positive experience. 

Are you looking for supported living?

We can help you choose the type of supported living that best suits each individuals needs. Contact ustoday to see how Knightsbridge Care Services can provide supported living for you or your loved ones.