Caring for you in your home is our vocation

In order to receive our Domiciliary Care Service you will need to have your specific needs identified by a social worker, health care professional or one of our trained managers who will complete a care assessment. When your needs have been identified and agreed with you they will be included in your individual centred care plan

But what is it?

Domiciliary care refers to homecare, that is personal care, support and assistance given by carers in an individual's home. Domilciilary care agency carers are trained to work children, young adults, adults, the elderly and people with a variety of different needs and disabilities.

Personal Care
Assisting to wash, dress, bathe, shower
Meal Services
Cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner
Medication Services
Giving medication at specific times
Collecting pension, shopping, paying bills etc
Appointment Service
Transport and assistance to and from appointments
Pet services
Walking or feeding your pet or pet sitting
Sitting Services
Sitting with a loved one or person to enable the main carer or family member time off. This service extends to overnight sleep in or sitting service
Assisting With Finances
Helping you to claim the right funding through external services and assistance with completing forms
Management of enabling the person to remain in their own home assisting in cleanliness and hygiene

Planned to fit around your schedule & requirements.

The domiciliary care plan will also indicate the times that you have requested for your visits by our carers. The carer or support worker will use the care plan as a guide to provide you with the domiciliary care you have been identified as needing during their visit.

Identifying possible hazards and taking steps to resolve them

During this initial visit a risk assessment will also be carried out. This risk assessment will help identify safety issues and risks such as lifting and possible hazards in your home environment. If hazards are identified we will discuss with you the necessary action

required to reduce the risk to you or the carer or support worker to ensure that you are both safe. For example this could include the recommendation to arrange the provision of safety equipment such as hoists to enable safe manual handling.

Our carers are trained to the highest standards

Our carers will provide assistance to our clients in many daily tasks whilst still enabling our clients to remain independent where possible. We provide homecare to many homes in the Birmingham and Solihull region. Our carers can work with the elderly, the mentally or physically disabled or with terminally ill patients.

After a period of four weeks

a senior member of staff will arrange a further meeting with you to review your domiciliary care plan, amend it if necessary and ensure that you are happy with the service you have been receiving. After this your domiciliary care needs will be reviewed on an annual basis or as necessary if there are any changes in your requirements. If you need more time on a particular day or on a permanent basis, then this matter will be raised with your social worker or health care professional who will discuss the matter with you, and if necessary make a request for a re-assessment.

Experienced care in the solihull and birmingham areas since 1989

We have been providing domiciliary care in the Solihull and Birmingham areas since 1989 both to the local authority, the NHS and private individuals that require our services. Our domiciliary care is compliant with the CQC regulations and our latest report can be viewed on their website.

We offer quality adult home care and support services to you in your own home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Individual domiciliary care and support programmes are tailored to meet your needs. Our aim is to provide reliable, regular and high quality care or support to meet your individual assessed needs.

Are you looking for Domiciliary care?

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